SOTA Electrical

State of the Art Electrical is managed and organised specifically to provide a bespoke, practical and affordable electrical works outcome with a vibrant and innovative project delivery methodology which enables every client to partake intimately in a decision-led and focused lifestyle projecting experience. Lively and fully planned co-ordinated task management and deliverables are delivered into safe, controlled, sensitively comported scenarios which are structured to ensure that every project is timely, looks good, budget-led, durable, desirable and satisfying. SOTA Electrical works tirelessly to ensure that planning, consultation and job completion are managed not only with a single high performance aim but also with focused needs to take account of the desires of the client. Every client is special and we aim to provide all of them with a ‘one stop shop solution’ by combining project planning, works management and delivery to maximise the power and lighting ambience experiences for all concerned.  This long standing working principle has enabled delivery of every project to a standard which matches best practice available anywhere.